Are you looking for something FUN and UNIQUE for your child's birthday party?!

Host your child's birthday party with us!  You bring the guests and the cake and we supply the FUN!!

Reservations and a deposit are required.  Call 734-722-5000 to reserve your child's birthday!!

PLEASE NOTE: all birthday parties require a reservation and deposit.  We only allow SCHEDULED birthday parties to bring in a cake.  Please note that this is strictly enforced.



6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Times listed are start and end times.  Bowling parties MUST be started by the time listed.  All hosts are asked to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start time to check in.  Please have all guests arrive 30 minutes prior to start time so that your party is ready to start bowling on time.


$50.00 per lane (maximum of 5 bowlers on a lane)

Price Includes for Each Lane:

  • 1 Hour of Bowling and 1 Hour of Party Time

  • 1 Large, 1 topping pizza (10 slices)

  • 1 Pitcher of Pop

  • Shoe rental

  • Paper Products (plates, cups, forks, napkins, table covers)


  • Extra Pizza: $8.00 per large, 1 topping (10 slices)

  • Extra Pitchers: $5.00 per pitcher

  • Breadsticks: $11.00 per tray (36 pieces)

  • Standard Souvenir Party Pin: $12.00 (must be ordered in advance)

Additional Information:

  • You can bring in a birthday cake or cupcakes, but NO OTHER OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES may be brought in.​  This includes, but is not limited to: party trays, chips, juice boxes, 2 liters of pop, etc.  We do NOT allow ice cream or ice cream cakes.

    • If you are bringing a cake, please be sure to bring something to serve your cake with.  We only have small plastic butter knives for you to cut the cake.​

  • Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your party to check in.  Please have guests arrive 30 minutes prior to your party start time so that you are ready to start bowling at your party start time.  This will give guests time to arrive, mingle, get rental shoes, etc. before bowling starts.

  • Parties are scheduled to bowl for the first hour of your party.  The lanes will shut off automatically at the end of one hour.  At this point, we ask that all party guests go into the party room.  We may have leagues/events booked after your party, so please be sure you are ready to start bowling on time as we can not guarantee that there will be lanes available past the time reserved for your party.

  • No piñatas or confetti are allowed. You can bring balloons, but they must stay weighted down or tied to chairs at all times.  You can bring in decorations for the party room (no glitter decorations).

  • While bowling is fun for all ages, we do ask that all bowlers are old enough to understand the basic rules of bowling and be able to get the ball down the lane with minimal assistance.  The front desk staff reserves the right to tell any party guest they are not allowed to bowl if the staff feels it is not safe.  All children must be supervised on the approach at all times.

  • A reservation may be made over the phone.  A $25.00 deposit MUST be paid within one week of reserving of your party will be subject to cancellation.  

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